Rookie draft will start on July 9th

No ufa bids until then


Good Progress, lets keep it up

at this rate we can finish by Friday and not have to worry around the July 4th holidays, when everyone will be busy.  The current plan is the start the rookie draft a week or so after we finish the Vet draft, to give everyone time to catch their breath and study for the Rookie draft.


Look, if you know you are not going to be available, give someone your pick who will not be picking before your draft so we can make it and keep it moving.  Momentum gets killed when we make 8 picks in an hour and then one guy stalls it out for 2 hours and the momentum is lost.  Keep it moving, keep it moving. So far we are killing it so lets finish strong.

Lets keep it moving fella’s

4 rounds a day is a nice clip, but we tend to slow down as we move on.  Lets all just bang it out so we can get this over with.  At a minimum, you should be checking the site every 2 hours or so and if you are within 5 picks it should be more frequent.  I have been sending reminder emails but that is gonna stop soon, so set your email up on the site to get reminder emails from them.  Most of us are on point, but a  few of you are routinely bottlenecking the process.   And for crying out loud, have your pick ready when it is your turn.  Waiting until your turn comes to start your ‘research’ is some BS, you should have your list narrowed down by then and make the god damn pick when its your turn.  Sitting there for 30 minutes is a little much.


and also, I am not the only one to keep this thing moving. If you see a guy has been on the clock for more than 30 minutes and you know them…..pick up the phone or send an email.

FYI….this league is using ENHANCED SCORING, Not standard.

Draft accordingly.  Also, note that the teams and postions have not been updated for the 2013 season yet, so make sure you research your picks. Example: Carson Palmer is still listed as playing for the raiders when we know he is on the cardinals now.

In EE Scoring, this is the your lineup on Offense: 1 QB, 1 Tailback, 1 FB OR TE, 3 WR’s, 1 OC, 2 OG, and 2 OT.

On Defense, your lineup depends on whether you want to use a 3-4 or 4-3.  for example, in a 4-3 you would need 2 DE, 2DT, 1 ILB, 2OLB, 2 S, and 2 CB.

In addition to offense and Defense, you will need to start one kicker and one punter.  Also, I dont know a way to tell the guys salary before you draft him, if anyone knows, post it here. I am under the impression that no matter how you draft, you should not get into salary cap from your picks, the 135 million cap should be plenty.  that said, choose your contract years wisely….if you give everyone 5 year deals, you will run out of contract years and your team will be hamstrung all year long.

The rest of the rules are up to you guys to know on your own.  there is a copy of the rules on the site and I have sent it to everyone already. Let me know if you need a copy.  We are all big boys, no excuses on the rules.

The Draft is underway!!!!

To the new guys… find players to choose from, go to League Moves ( top of the page), then go to UFA bid list OR Find a Player ( both take you to the same place).


Choose the search specs you want in the Player Type and Sort fields.  In the Status field, you must select Unrestricted Free Agents, then click the Find by Player Type button.


This will return results based on your search criteria.  There are many ways to enter the picks but the most basic is to write down the players OID Number, then click the bright red Vet button at the top of the page. This will take you to the draft room. Enter the player ID of the player you want and submit it. You will be asked to confirm the pick and once you do, the player is yours and will be removed from the UFA lists so no one tries to pick that player later on.


Good Luck and remember, draft as quickly as possible. I cannot stress that enough. We have 576 picks, literally, that need to be made.  If everyone takes their sweet ass time, we will never finish in time for the season.