The Draft is underway!!!!

To the new guys… find players to choose from, go to League Moves ( top of the page), then go to UFA bid list OR Find a Player ( both take you to the same place).


Choose the search specs you want in the Player Type and Sort fields.  In the Status field, you must select Unrestricted Free Agents, then click the Find by Player Type button.


This will return results based on your search criteria.  There are many ways to enter the picks but the most basic is to write down the players OID Number, then click the bright red Vet button at the top of the page. This will take you to the draft room. Enter the player ID of the player you want and submit it. You will be asked to confirm the pick and once you do, the player is yours and will be removed from the UFA lists so no one tries to pick that player later on.


Good Luck and remember, draft as quickly as possible. I cannot stress that enough. We have 576 picks, literally, that need to be made.  If everyone takes their sweet ass time, we will never finish in time for the season.  



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