Lets keep it moving fella’s

4 rounds a day is a nice clip, but we tend to slow down as we move on.  Lets all just bang it out so we can get this over with.  At a minimum, you should be checking the site every 2 hours or so and if you are within 5 picks it should be more frequent.  I have been sending reminder emails but that is gonna stop soon, so set your email up on the site to get reminder emails from them.  Most of us are on point, but a  few of you are routinely bottlenecking the process.   And for crying out loud, have your pick ready when it is your turn.  Waiting until your turn comes to start your ‘research’ is some BS, you should have your list narrowed down by then and make the god damn pick when its your turn.  Sitting there for 30 minutes is a little much.


and also, I am not the only one to keep this thing moving. If you see a guy has been on the clock for more than 30 minutes and you know them…..pick up the phone or send an email.


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