Hey, most of you agreed that you wanted to wager a little on the side.  I wanted to see who was going to be involved, so see if everyone is in.

I was thinking we would just do 60$ per team, to make it the same as the entry fee. If all 12 agree, that would be $720 prize pool.  Payout would be something like 180 to runner up, 540 to the winner.

IF YOU DO NOT get involved in this year ( since I am not making it mandatory) , you will be required to pay double next year ( or $120).  This will ensure guys dont wait to get into the prize pool when they think they have a team capable of winning and sit out during years they are rebuilding.  Let me know if you want you are in.


UFA Bidding has started

your active roster must be legal before you are able to make any UFA bids.  That means your practice squad must be 8 players or less and you cannot have any unsigned players from the Vet or Rookie draft ( and you must have less than 53 players on your active roster, but that shouldnt be an issue yet.  You dont have to sign any players technically until the beginning of the season, but you cannot make any UFA bids until your team is legal.

*****You will know that your team is legal if your team name is no longer showing in Bold Red.


UFA will begin the minute the Rookie draft ends

It is technically open now, but I am asking that we all hold off until after the rookie draft is over.  Guys have to be up for bid for a minimum of 3 days anyway so you would not gain anything by bidding before the draft ends, other than a new nickname that begins in Douche and ends in Bag.


DO NOT BID ON ANDRE SMITH, OL for the Bengals.  Isaac drafted him but when the positions were updated it changed it to another Andre Smith, not the one he drafted.  We are looking to have it corrected but do not bid on Andre Smith, he is on Isaacs team.

I am actually surprised at the quality of most of the drafting, good stuff fellas, this will not be an easy league to win.

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