Close games to watch tonight

We have a few games down to the wire with big implications.

The first is Irish Bastards vs 1/2 man: 1/2 man is up by 4 points and has Michael Johnson playing tonight. However, the Bastards also have Carlos Dunlap in his lineup. 2 tackles or half sack is going to be the difference here folks, plug your sphincters. It should be noted that the Bastards will fall to 0-3 with a loss, and half man will fall to 1-2.

The Husky Humper finds himself in 2 close matches.

First, he is up by 11 against Team Beatdown, who has no player remaining. The only real way he can lose is if the Cincy line scores negative points. Playing against a sack happy Steeler D, that is not completely unrealistic. It should be a shocker if Beatdown pulled the upset, but its not beyond the realm of possibility.

The closer match-up is between Nipples for Days and The Husty Humpers. Nipples have a 3 point lead and Ryan Clark going tonight, but The Humper has the 2 aforementioned Cincy Lineman. This one is gonna be real close. A win for Nipples would make him the only undefeated team remaining, while The Husky Humpers needs the win to avoid dropping to 0-2.


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