2 kicks to the sack

So, I am literally about to go have a vasectomy ( seriously….I have 5 kids man, it needs to stop), but seeing that I am obsessed with fantasy football I figured I should check all my teams. First thing I notice is that Franky Blanks is 2-2? WTF, I was 3-1. No Son, you are not. Apparently they deducted 5 points from somewhere and now I am just another Schlub at 2-2. All that ribbing I gave clap for sitting Cameron was for not. He was rubber and I was glue. This type of demoralizing loss can end seasons, but not Franky Blanks. I am going to take 2 shots to the balls today and shrug it off like its nothing. Franky Blanks is shooting blanks from here on out fellas. I hope that is not some type of metaphor for my fantasy season, but its not off to a good start. Foiled by Daytrippers again.


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