Close games to watch tonight

We have a few games down to the wire with big implications.

The first is Irish Bastards vs 1/2 man: 1/2 man is up by 4 points and has Michael Johnson playing tonight. However, the Bastards also have Carlos Dunlap in his lineup. 2 tackles or half sack is going to be the difference here folks, plug your sphincters. It should be noted that the Bastards will fall to 0-3 with a loss, and half man will fall to 1-2.

The Husky Humper finds himself in 2 close matches.

First, he is up by 11 against Team Beatdown, who has no player remaining. The only real way he can lose is if the Cincy line scores negative points. Playing against a sack happy Steeler D, that is not completely unrealistic. It should be a shocker if Beatdown pulled the upset, but its not beyond the realm of possibility.

The closer match-up is between Nipples for Days and The Husty Humpers. Nipples have a 3 point lead and Ryan Clark going tonight, but The Humper has the 2 aforementioned Cincy Lineman. This one is gonna be real close. A win for Nipples would make him the only undefeated team remaining, while The Husky Humpers needs the win to avoid dropping to 0-2.


Week 1 Awards and Rankings

Don Shula Award: This award is given out weekly to the coach with best performance, or a gutsy call that made the difference in the game.

Rich Kotite Award: This award is given out weekly to the coach with worst performance, or a horrible call that made the difference in the game.

Week 1 Shula Award Winner: Titillating Tampanians

Week 1 Kotite Award Winner: West Virginia Hellbenders

Week 1 Rankings:

1. Titillating Tampanians (1-0) – Clearly the most complete team based on the week one results. His offensive performance was strong behind Vernon Davis, Brees, Marshall and Andre Johnson, but it was his Defense that went absolutely bonkers, led by Cam Wake and Justin Houston. He was brash in the preseason, going so far as to change his team name to The Best Team, but after beating a seasoned EF veteran in Cory Storkson week one, he has backed up those claims in week one and got the leagues attention. We’ll see if his success can continue when the spotlight is on.
2. Nipples for Days (1-0) – AP was a given to score points, but Victor Cruz and Owen Daniels combined 5 TD’s, along with strong secondary play helped Nipples for Days put up a huge week one point total and crushed the HellBenders by a margin of nearly 200 points.
3. Gastineau (1-0) – Peyton Manning coming up HUUUUUUGE with 103 points on his own, the highest point total I have ever seen at any position in my EF career. If that wasn’t enough, his WRs and LB posted above average gains. If he didnt have 2 other rookies put up huge weeks, he would be in consideration for ROY honors.
4. Fitchburg Frozen Tundra (0-1) – Seasoned vet up to his usual tactics scoring big on defense that allowed him to put up the 4th hightest point total despite having the skakiest starting QBs in the league. If McCoy and his defense keep it up, it may not matter. Bad luck has played a role in his lackluster 0-1 start as he was the highest point scorer that walked away with an L in week 1.
5. Daytrippers (1-0) – Overall a very consistent team effort. Other than Kaepernicks 73 points, no players point total jumps off the page but there also are not many weaknesses in Daytrippers line up. If CJ Spiller can get his shit together this team will be a contender.
6. Team Beatdown (1-0) – Easily posting the highest average age of any team, this veteran squad posted a very respectable score despite playing a CB out of position, and was also the only player to start both a FB and a TE. The risky move paid off when both were able to find the end zone. It wasn’t a BeatDown, but a W just the same.
7. Irish Bastards (0-1)– Start Mason foster out of position? No problem says Irish Bastards, and laughs as he posts a 37 point total after putting up 2 sacks. 452 points will get you a win a lot of weeks, but not this week. The Jamaal Charles injury has to have him concerned, this team has seen there fair share of injuries already.
8. Franky Blanks (1-0) – lackluster receiver and D Line play resulted in a sub par performance for Franky Blanks, despite Zach Brown and D Thomas both putting up huge efforts. A huge glut of talent at OB will need to be evened out for this team to compete for a title. That said, lady luck is on his side as he posted the lowest point total of all the teams that earned a week 1 win. It wasn’t pretty, but a W is a W. Easily the most active owner with 5 trades under his belt, as well as key high profile FA acquisitions in Daryl Smith, Kenbrell Thompkins and Julius Thomas.
9. Huntersville Huskiest Humper (0-1)– was not able to capitalize on easily the ballsy-est call of the day, starting Mike Vick over Aaron Rogers. Despite strong performances by D Jack and Reggie Bush, he was still not able to pull out the W due to a strong performance from the daytrippers, combined with dismal performances from the rest of his WR core, and his kicker, who posted negative points. He had to be encouraged by a strong defensive performance but at the end of the day, it was not enough to bring home the W.
10. Half Man Half Amazing (0-1) – After winning the Rex Ryan guarantee award in the preseason, he showed up week one a little flat, posting the 3 lowest point total. 2 goose eggs on the defensive side of the ball did not help, as he was apparently unaware that Morgan Burnett was inactive, which calls his dedication and preparation into question. Perhaps being in 8 leagues might be a bit much for one person to handle.
11. Florida Beardogs (0-1) – Was only able to muster 412 points despite Anquan Boldin posting the 6th highest opening day yardage total in history. He was in a close battle, but ultimately the play ( or lack there of) of Jon Bostic and early round pick Geno Atkins was the difference in the game. He will look to rebound on Thursday when Tom Brady gets the start on Thursday night against the lowly ( albeit 1-0) NY Jets, scumbags of the universe.
12. West Virginia Hellbenders (0-1) – Holy shit Jeff, I thought you played in this league before? Get ahold of yourself man and come to play next week, emmmm kay?

Scoring is delayed……..obviously

Hey guys, it looks like he is still working out the issues with the scoring feed. To give some background, the data service this site used to update the player info and scoring went belly up last year. As a result, the site owner had to work with a new vendor to provide the data in a format that is compatible with the site, but apparently this is harder than it looks. Long story short, we had some scoring issues for a couple weeks at the beginning of last year before he was finally able to fix them, and there were no issues for the rest of the year. Apparently, those fixes didnt carry over to this year.

So yes, I realize it totally sucks to have to wait, but the site is working on getting live scoring and updating the site to make it more modern. I ask that you be patient for a little bit but if you are it will definitely be worth it. Again, I realize it is a bad first impression for most of you but this is not the way it usually is. Some of us have been playing on this site for almost 10 years and before last years issue, there was never a single problem with player or scoring updates.

Make sure any Denver/Baltimore players are in your lineup tonight

I know the site is slow in getting some of the updates made, hopefully you received the email from Stan explaining what is going on and hopefully it gets resolved soon.

The main thing is that you make sure you set your lineups today and include an Denver or Raven players you want included. The rest of the starting lineup can be adjusted latter, but if you dont set it today and include players from the game tonights game they will not be eligible until next week.

If you have an undrafted rookies you need added, please email me or him ASAP and we can ask that they add it. Also be on the look out for position changes and email him with anything you feel is incorrect. I hope you guys are catching on to the site, I know it takes a little while to get used to but let me know if you have any questions and I can help you out.



Hey, most of you agreed that you wanted to wager a little on the side.  I wanted to see who was going to be involved, so see if everyone is in.

I was thinking we would just do 60$ per team, to make it the same as the entry fee. If all 12 agree, that would be $720 prize pool.  Payout would be something like 180 to runner up, 540 to the winner.

IF YOU DO NOT get involved in this year ( since I am not making it mandatory) , you will be required to pay double next year ( or $120).  This will ensure guys dont wait to get into the prize pool when they think they have a team capable of winning and sit out during years they are rebuilding.  Let me know if you want you are in.

UFA Bidding has started

your active roster must be legal before you are able to make any UFA bids.  That means your practice squad must be 8 players or less and you cannot have any unsigned players from the Vet or Rookie draft ( and you must have less than 53 players on your active roster, but that shouldnt be an issue yet.  You dont have to sign any players technically until the beginning of the season, but you cannot make any UFA bids until your team is legal.

*****You will know that your team is legal if your team name is no longer showing in Bold Red.